Azure collaboration brings success for SIMPLIFi

A UK insuretech company has enjoyed a period of significant growth, improved performance, and awards success after developing a successful collaboration with Microsoft.

CET, which specialises in home emergency policies, subsidence investigation, underground services, property repairs and restoration, created its SIMPLIFi platform to redefine the customer journey through a cloud-native combination of web and mobile application technology accessing services delivered through the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Jonathan Brewer, CET Chief Digital Officer, explained: “SIMPLIFi was purpose built in-house by CET, a significant investment from the business and central to our tech-enabled strategy. This commitment has enabled us to place the Customer at the heart of everything that we do, creating a fully automated experience from First Notification of Loss (FNOL) and deployment, right through to a successful closure.

“By leveraging cloud-native technologies in Microsoft Azure, we've built the most advanced single page application for job management in our industry. I think every company has the capability to build their own technology. The move away from on-premise servers and licenced software can seem daunting, but the benefits are huge and with the support of organisations like Microsoft, you can redefine your industry.”

CET enjoyed significant growth in 2020 and now handles claims for one in eight properties in the UK, increasing headcount by 36 per cent in the process. SIMPLIFi now auto-deploys 50% of all CET’s home emergencies, the company’s May 2020 complaint rate was 65% lower than in May 2018, and Customer satisfaction scores were higher in the 12 months to May 2021 than at any time in the previous three years.

In addition to improved service delivery, SIMPLIFi has been named as a finalist in the category of Best Use of Technology for Customer Experience – Claims (FNOL) in the Insurance Times Tech & Innovation Awards 2021.

Jonathan added: “Being shortlisted for one of the industry’s leading annual technology awards is recognition for the positive impact that SIMPLIFi has made for our Customers, clients and our business as a whole. The investment in Azure has been instrumental in this and has really enabled us to change focus and leverage PaaS services, with Cosmos in particular proving to be integral to our database functionality.

“Going forwards we have further ambitious plans for which we will continue to invest and use Azure as a way to support our tech-enabled growth, including utilising services such as Docker containers, and we are excited to embrace the opportunities offered to us through this already successful partnership.”