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SIMPLIFi, built by CET, is an end-to-end job management system that connects everyone within the claims management process. SIMPLIFi manages the entire customer journey, from First Notification of Loss (FNOL) and policy validation, through to claims management and deploying our network of skilled contractors and engineers.

CET is committed to using technology to improve the claim journey for all of our customers and this was recognised with SIMPLIFi being shortlisted for an Insurance Times Tech & Innovation award in 2021.


Combining state of the art web and mobile application technology to deliver a highly-efficient service.

CET invested in SIMPLIFi and placed it right at the heart of everything that we do. The entire software was purpose built in-house, for which CET wrote every single line of code to deliver end-to-end automation from the ground-up.

The technology was developed to deliver a completely automated experience right through from FNOL and the deployment experience, all the way through to invoicing. A key element of SIMPLIFi is ensuring that we do not force clients or customers down a solely digital journey and is instead about providing personal choice.

The type of Home Emergency calls that we take often means that customers want to speak with an agent during a stressful situation. The highly sophisticated and automated telephony built on the Twilio stack is a core part of the system, making it as efficient as possible to speak with a human.

The interactive voice response system embedded in SIMPLIFi reduces effort for both the customer and call centre agent, in the process improving the claim journey for everyone concerned. When CET committed to move to a 100% homeworking model, SIMPLIFi’s Cloud-based stack allowed for a seamless transition to with simply a browser and a headset!

Our Services

Property Assurance from CET comprises a range of specialist outsourced services for the UK insurance claims sector.

24/7 Home Emergency

CET does the right thing for customers, always – and that means creating bespoke services, keeping them informed, treating them fairly and always delivering on promises. Whatever the challenge, we will work tirelessly until we have finished the job to the customer’s satisfaction.

Underground Services

CET provides a reliable, nationwide drainage investigation and repair service; featuring drainage mapping, CCTV surveying and 24/7 emergency drainage response.

Subsidence Investigation

CET is the UK’s leading provider of subsidence investigation and remediation services. Our service includes foundation and drainage investigation, soil analysis and building monitoring.

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